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                                12/ 2020

                                HTS Fought for Qilu Overhaul

                                In September, 2020, Qilu Petrochemical Shengli Refinery started the inspection and maintenance work. In this overhaul, HTS is responsible for repairing flanges of all overhaul devices and fastening key flanges in the second coking unit and the fourth normal unit with constant torque.
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                                11/ 2020

                                Be Ready to Create Five-Year Glory of HTS

                                In the first autumn after the epidemic situation stabilized, HTS organized the middle and high-level team building activities of the company. After a long drive, the group arrived at their destination. The main purpose of this activity is to review all our gains and growth in the first half of this year when HTS team overcame all kinds of difficulties caused by the epidemic and was extremely united under the epidemic; and to look forward to the next five years.
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                                10/ 2020

                                HTS Celebrates National Day, Gold Service on Project Sites

                                The annual Mid Autumn Festival coincides with the arrival of national day. For this reason, HTS held a dinner party for the national day of the Lunar Festival and the third anniversary of HTS. According to the tradition of HTS, in addition to dinner, a gold bead will be distributed to everyone as a souvenir every year. The longer you stay at HTS, the more gold beads you'll collect. Older HTS members like to wear it as a souvenir and decoration. This year, the "2020 HTS" was specially engraved on the golden bead to commemorate the extraordinary year under the epidemic situation. ?
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                                08/ 2020

                                HTS Flange Fixed Distance Fastening Service ——17 Years to Create a Famous Brand in Flange Integrated Management

                                In 2020, various industries will face great challenges. It is very important for petrochemical enterprises whether new construction and maintenance projects can be carried out smoothly. Hytera, who participated in several flange management projects, overcame various uncertainties caused by the epidemic situation, and jointly invested in anti epidemic production with petrochemical and other related enterprises.

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